Our rooms

Rehearsal rooms

We have 7 rehearsal rooms starting at £35 an hour.

These come in various sizes to accommodate any group, from solo artists to large bands. Each room is equipped with air conditioning and high-quality equipment to ensure you can play at your best.

With flexible booking options, you can reserve a room for exactly when you need it, for anything from a quick session to a full day.

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Lockout rooms

Our lockout rooms are the perfect solution for those needing a dedicated space for longer projects and can be hired weekly.

Enjoy the privacy to focus on your work, the security to keep your equipment safe, and the convenience of leaving your setup intact over multiple days.

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Fully licensed bar

Our bar isn’t just a place to grab a drink—it’s a gathering spot for musicians to relax and network. It’s the perfect place to unwind if you want to celebrate a successful rehearsal or catch up with fellow artists.

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