Event hire

Our space is perfect for more than just rehearsals. You can host various events here, from lively music nights where bands light up the stage to private gatherings and celebrations.

Music and Gig Nights

Bring your music event to life at Rooz. Our studio has top-quality sound systems and a great atmosphere for live performances. It’s the ideal spot for album launches, band nights, or any music-related event.

Birthdays and Parties

Mark another year or throw a party just because—do it at Rooz! Our venue is ideal for birthday parties, retirement celebrations, or any festive gathering. We can set up the space to fit your party size and style.

Weddings and Receptions

Celebrate your special day in a unique way. Rooz Studios offers a cool, creative environment perfect for wedding receptions. We’ll help you customize the setting to create the atmosphere you’ve dreamed of for your big day.

Seasonal Celebrations

Host Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve bashes, or any seasonal festivity with us. Our venue transforms to match the holiday spirit, providing a festive and inviting backdrop for your celebrations.

Book Your Next Event

Ready to plan your next event? Contact us to discuss your requirements and how we can make your celebration or gathering unforgettable. Rooz Studios is dedicated to providing an exceptional space and service for all your event needs.

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Equipment hire

Whether you need to hire an instrument for your session here or if you need equipment for a tour, we can help.

Off premises equipment hire

  • Full backline and PA’s, all varying sizes
  • Delivery and collection available, price dependent on location
  • Discount for long term hire, standard quote is for 24 hours
EquipmentPrice (ex deposit)
Drum kits (5 piece Yamaha, no cymbals)£250
Keyboards (Yamaha)£50
Engineer (with the delivery and collection of equipment)POA
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Storage hire

We have storage cages available on a weekly hire basis for £35. Contact the office for a daily quote.

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Take your music to the next level with our professional recording and production services. 

Our resident engineer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Luca Franco, is here to help you achieve the perfect sound.

Compact, acoustically treated room perfect for tracking dry, punchy drums, vocals or spoken word/voiceovers, and any guitar sound you can imagine with an assortment of amps, cabs and fx.

Recording specs:

Midas VF24 24 channel desk/interface with high quality Midas mic pres.


2 x Beyer M160 ribbons

2 x Coles 4038 ribbons

Prodipe RSL Stereo ribbon

Shure Beta 52 kick mic

Shure SM 57

2 x Sennheiser 421

Electrovoice RE20

Shure PG condenser mics

3 x Radial J48 Active DIs


Vintage Ludwig drums (26″ or 22″ bass drums, 13″ and 16″ toms)

Ludwig 14″ 400 and 402 snare drums

Paiste Cymbals

Guitar equipment:

Fractal Axe FX III modeller/preamp

Fractal Axe FX II modeller preamp

Marshall 1987x 50 watt head

Marshall JVM 410 100 watt head

Peavey 5150 120 watt block letter head

Two Notes Reload loadbox

Marshall 4×12 cab

Customised MAJ Electronic 2×12 cabs with a choice of Scumback M-75 high power Greenback clones for classic rock bark or Celestion G-12K100s for crushing modern metal low end.


Recording/tracking: £160 per day with engineer Mixing, arranging and production: £400 per song including mix revisions (discounts available for EPs or albums).

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Daytime hourly bookings

If you can book last minute, and you only need a room for a couple of hours, get in touch. Perfect for drummers and singers or bands that are flexible. Call reception in the morning to see what we have available. Min of 2 hours.

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